2022 KNE Fun Run

2022 KNE Fun Run
Posted on 11/10/2022
KNE students and staff will honor our nation's veterans at our annual Fun Run on Friday, November 11.  Students will wear a picture of their veteran and run to honor him or her in this annual fund raising event. One student from each grade will share information about their veteran at the beginning of each running session. in addition, this year 10% of our earnings will be donated to the WAFB 1st SGT Group!

Each grade level will run during the time listed below
5th Grade-8:35-9:25
4th Grade-9:25-10:15
2nd Grade-10:15-11:05
3rd Grade-11:05-11:55
KG- 12:20-1:10
1st Grade 1:10-2:00

The event will be live streamed via youtube. You can find the link to the event on KNHS Events YouTube page - https://youtu.be/jH8KdP_yMXQ
If for some reason there is a disruption in the signal, we will also back the recording up on a camera and upload it after the event.